World-class ingredients alongside our deep technical knowledge and highest quality standards
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Comprehensive ingredients partner for pharmaceutical manufacturing.

At Barentz, we have made it our business to excel in delivering premium quality and high-performance excipientsnutraceutical & and functional food actives, APIs, and pharmaceutical intermediates – sourced and provided by our pre-eminent supplier partners. Customers value our deep technical knowledge and broad product portfolio highly, our capability to manage quality throughout the entire supply chain, and our extensive regional and local networks. Better bioavailability? New dosage forms? Improved consumer acceptance? Talk to us about new opportunities!

Technically focused customer interactions from a knowledgeable and highly skilled global sales team.

Offering customers, a premium product portfolio by partnering with the world’s leading suppliers.

Our Product Categories

API’s :

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) are the fundamental elements of all pharmaceuticals. The quality of the APIs has a significant effect on the efficiency and safety of the medicine. APIs are subject to stringent regulations in their manufacture and these tight controls continue throughout their supply chain. We are pleased to represent some of the foremost drug substance producers in the world. We hold appropriate licensing authorization for the possession and supply of numerous controlled drug substances and precursors including opiate agonists & and analgesics, barbiturates, and amphetamines. All our APIs are transported and delivered to you in accordance with GDP (Good Distribution Practice) obligations.

Excipients :

APIs are the most critical component of medicine, but they invariably need a select group of excipients to maximize their effectiveness and increase patient safety. Barentz supplies a comprehensive range of excipients for a variety of different dosage forms including binders, fillers, disintegrants, lubricants, drug delivery systems, film coatings, flavors, sweeteners, thickeners, rheological modifiers, and emulsifiers.

All our excipients are sourced from leading global, high-integrity, manufacturers. Our ingredients are applicable to all regulated markets. We are ready to support all your formulation challenges.

Nutraceuticals :

Barentz India offers a comprehensive solution for all your nutraceutical requirements. Our specialty ingredients are supported by scientific research and are suitable not only for dietary supplements but also for functional food and beverage applications.

Our supplements are expertly formulated to meet the nutritional needs of individuals at every stage of life, from birth to old age.

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The Barentz Difference

Deep technical knowledge, broad portfolio

Our local sales managers and technology experts have vast experience in formulation science and pharmaceutical production processes. They can assist you in selecting the optimum set of ingredients to address your manufacturing demands and overcome your formulation challenges.

Total Quality Management, across all products

We are one of the few distributors who is officially authorized to supply all pharmaceutical ingredients and active substances to customers globally. We adhere to all relevant pharmaceutical industry standards and guideliness.

Global outreach, local expertise

Our widespread network of warehouses helps with the reduction of transportation costs and shipment times. Locally based sales managers, together with their sales and customer support teams, understand regional, legal, and regulatory complexities and can assist in simplifying communication challenges.