Personal Care

Creativity differentiates the way we source, formulate and deliver the right ingredients
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The powerful beauty of creativity

Personal care and cosmetics play a vital role in our daily lives and routines. For thousands of years, humans have cleansed, enhanced, and beautified their skin and appearance using creams and ointments prepared with the utmost care. Deep-rooted local traditions, ever-changing global trends, and new technologies make Personal Care a very dynamic market environment. Consumers of personal care products in particular are frequently on the lookout for novel ideas, textures, and concepts. To meet this element of consumer demand and other expectations, Barentz’s technical and commercial experts work at the forefront of innovation, building on a unique blend of science and creativity, and delivering outstanding ingredients and formulations. Do you have your own clear product ideas, or an urgent challenge, or are you just looking for inspiration? Engage with us and create differentiated, class-leading products for your market!
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Functional Benefits

  • Anti- Acne
  • Anti – Aging
  • Anti-Pollution
  • Astringent
  • Hygiene Wash
  • Moisturizing and Soothing
  • Skin Whitening Agents
  • Probiotics
Scrivi insieme a noi le tue prossime storie di successo globale e locale

Ingredient Solutions

  • Cellulose Beads (Exfoliating & Dispersing)
  • Emulsifiers
  • Emollients
  • Natural Clays
  • Oil gelling agents
  • Polymers
  • Polymers Surfactants (Mild Surfactants)
  • and Sunscreen Agents